Bad Hair Day
David Fishel
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Katseye Productions 2005
1. The Bankers and the Diplomats - are going in the Army by (Malvina Reynolds).
2. What's a Raindrop (to the Likes of Hero Jim) by D.Fishel.
3. One More Night by Bob Dylan.
4. Buckdancer's Choice (trad. Instrumental).
5. How to Start a War by D.Fishel.
6. The Cuckoo (traditional).
7. The Predators by D.Fishel.
8. The Day That the Swallows Returned by D.Fishel.
9 Leaving Home by Charlie Poole.
10. Mattie Groves (trad. arranged by D.Fishel).
11. The King of Creative Accounting by D.Fishel.
12. Halliburton's War by D.Fishel.
13. Mind Your Own Business by Hank Williams.
14. The Piper by D.Fishel.
15. Bad Hair Day by D.Fishel.
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