The title of this, my 9th recording, albeit only the third in CD format, is suggested by the 1874 work by Pere Borrell del Caso, which inspired the cover photo (by friend and associate, Rick Gladfelter). Originally destined to be titled "The Nomad" after the song begun over 30 years ago upon viewing Brownoski's "Ascent of Man" series on PBS, and only recently finished. It includes, as usual, remakes of a couple of my previously recorded songs, ie. "Spring", "Luck of the Game" and
 "Magician & the Gypsy Boy" plus a few covers such as the "Traveling Man"/"Rhythm in the Rain" medley, Al Stewart's "Apple Cider Reconstitution" and "Rust Farm Fire" which I first heard from the bluegrass group Northern Lights. "Put Another Log on the Fire" is my version of a song based on Shel Silverstein's lyrics with some alternate lyrics of my own as well as a new tune; sort of acknowledged plagiarism! I've also included a couple of divergences from my traditional style, namely: "The Empty Chair" (from "My Room" by Romantic poet Marceline Desbordes-Valmore), "Dream of the Rain", "Ozonata", and "Ennuo's Shuffle" (a tribute to Ennuo Morricone and my sole concesssion to whistling in the opus). These would fit more aptly into the New Age format.
Thanks to Jay Kirssin of Downtown Sound in Lemoyne, Pa. for post production tweaking, CD production, desktop publishing and packaging. Thanks also to my family of instruments which includes a 2001 Martin HD28VS guitar, 2000 Froggy Bottom Deluxe Parlor Guitar, 1965 Gibson J-50 guitar, 1972 Martin 035 guitar, 1923 Gibson H2 mandolin, 2O's era Washburn Banjo and unlabeled banjo-ukulele, Yamaha electric bass, and Alesis SRi6 drum machine.
Finally, thanks to long time friend and audio technician, Rick Gladfelter and to webmaster Brian Robinson of BLR Engineering for the beautiful website ...
Oh yes! Thanks to Mitji and Poco!
David Fishel
Escaping Criticism
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 1. The Nomad.
 2. Luck of the Game .
 3. Rust Farm Fire (Chris Moore & John McGann).
 4. No Worry Waltz.
 5. You Shouldn't Eat Spaghetti with your Knife.
 6. Apple Cider Reconstitution.
 7. The Empty Chair.
       (Marceline Desbordes - Valmore).
 8. Them.
 9. Travellin' Man/Rhythm of the Rain.
       (Ricky Nelson/John Gummoe).
10. Dream of the Rain.
11. Put Another Log on the Fire.
12. Spring.
13 The Magician and the Gypsy Boy.
14. Ozonata.
15. Ennuo's Shuffle.
'Escaping Criticism' - Track List
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