Mechanical Music Arranger
My first interest in music was playing lead guitar in a pop group called "The Swinging Pendulums" that was in the early 60's,
Sadly we never made the charts.

I then went on to study the rudiments of music at the local college, I had to fit this in with my daily job as an a apprentice Horologist.
The college introduced me to all the local orchestras and bands in the county, which I eagerly joined.

I then got an invitation to join the "Suffolk Fire Service Silver Band" with further tuition from the professionals giving me the privilege of playing the Cornet at the premiere in London of the film, "The Towering Inferno" in 1975.
I have also had the honour of playing in front of royalty on several occasions. My one real enjoyment was playing pantomime
accompaniment at our local theatre, and two summer seasons with Handel, the well known Organist at the "Spa Theatre" in Felixstowe.

After I retired from my Trumpet playing days because of the onset of migraines, I went into to the arranging side of music,
starting with Kalliope Polyphon, and backing tracks for a Nightclub Singer.

 My interest now, is arranging music for the 20 and 31 note Barrel / Street Organs, as I own a 31 note Stuber Concert,
which has been converted to play midi as well as paper rolls, all available from Rob Barker & Melvyn Wright
You can listen to mp3 samples of my arrangements in the many Categories on the Menu Page.